Corey, it’s only OCD

Lock, Unlock, Lock, Unlock,

Knock Knock. “Hold on, almost done!”

Lock, Unlock, Lock, Unlock 

“Okay, four times... Come in.”


Your beautiful brown eyes 

Shine as you take four steps 

To the couch. It seems you’ve 

Been gone forever long.


In that moment I just 

Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss your sweet

Wine lips with all my heart 

Because I love you.


I run my fingers through

Your mahogany hair 

And lay my lips on yours 

Just four more times 

Because I love you. 


Corey, you’re so patient

When you wait for me 

To perfectly brush my teeth-

Four minutes, forty-four circles, four cycles. 


You are so very kind 

When I have to retie 

My shoes four times because 

Three is just not enough. 


Corey, you’re so- perfect. 

So I kiss you four times- 

Though I would rather kiss you forty-four times- 

Better yet, let me kiss you four hundred, forty-four times 

Because I really love you. 


You are the sweetest man

For taking me to lunch. 

Even better than the 


I am sorry I tried to chew forty four times before I swallowed, but I didn’t want to choke. 


Is is that why you left me?

It seems as though you’ve been 

gone for longer than just 

four minutes, four hours. 


I’m going to find you.

I need to say sorry 

Because I am and 

Because I love you. 


I walked in the door and 

The scent hit me.

It smells four times better 

Than I and I don’t know 



Four steps to the bedroom, four of my 

Heavy breaths, four 

Tears shed 

Before I turn around to 

Get out. 


You jump up.

Not sorry that you did it but that you just got caught 

By me. 


You try to explain 

But I notice you only take 

Three steps, not all


You asked me why I’m home 

And the reason remains 

It’s because I loved you. 

This poem is about: 
Our world



I hope you all enjoy this poem as much as my friends and I do. As someone who suffers from mild OCD, I understand the struggle of dating and maintaining a healthy relationship. While I don’t know how to keep that, I do know what Love is and what Marie (The poems narrator) feels for Corey is definitely love. 


Thank you

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