You used me
never cared when I tried to make things work
You always found a reason to make me hurt
You nit picked at everything I did to get a rise out of me
And everytime you said those words my heart filled with dispise, you see
You never loved me
You never once asked if I was okay
Always walked the event of tears
And chose someone to help you commit my deepest fears
How was I not enough?
Why was telling me the truth so god damn tough?
She to you was what I was not
She gave you her body, I gave you my thoughts
I gave up trying to make you want me
After I knew there was no future to see
I put in my all and get nothing in return
and this is how i get burned?
You, you are sad excuse of a person
You never deserved my love and passion
Yet you dont care how you made me feel
Now its time to end my message with a seal
I lost a piece of myself that day
But without you my life has gone a different way
I'm stronger
Now the memories of you hurt me no longer
I no longer spend my nights crying
Now that you are gone I am finally flying

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