Relationship Fundamentals for Dummies

Communication as a whole is key

                                          To better shape a relationship that will be

                                              A true learning journey in one's life

                                            Will ultimately overshine all the strife


                                              Avoiding conflict with talking is pure

                                               if they dislike something will assure

                                          Whether the relationship is prone to last

                                              And will benefit both to have a blast


                                      Jealousy in a relationship is a great misconception

                                   That can ultimately lead the relationship to corruption

                                             Which is why talking it out is the best way

                                              To save the relationship and end the day


                                    Trust is essential in order to maintain the connection      

                                                 That binds two together in affection

                                                   Without it there lies no sacrifice

                                                And only allowing room to despise


                                                    Sacrifice is the core foundation

                                           To whether two people’s bond will have duration

                                   And will teach each other the benefits of giving up valuables

                                         In order to prove each other of what they're capable


                                                  All in a mission to prove each other

                                                 How much they care for one another


                                    Because I love you is depicted as a controlling method

                                           But really should be in a whole represented

                                                  As a form of reasoning of sacrifice

                                                      Of one's self not the others vice


                                             The words should be filled with love

                                                  Instead of trying to get rid of

                                            The true meaning of a companionship

                          Which is the ability to trust and not live under dictatorship


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