Because He Loved Me

Because He loves me,

Because he loves me… he respects my nos,

He tells me I look beautiful when I feel my worst,

He lets me spoil him when I feel my best,

He listens…

Because he loves me he listens,

He understands, he doesn’t and he tries,

Because he loves me he won’t mind me talking to other guys,

Because he loves me he craves my attention, but because he loves me… he doesn’t focus solely on sexual tension

See, if he loves me then I wouldn’t feel so lonely,

or feel as if everything i do is never enough and wouldn’t think that I’m just one step closer to gaining your approval

I wouldn’t feel as one more God just one more,

if I just keep on going one day he’ll be happy,

one day… I’ll be happy,

Because he loves me, I won’t cry because I am never enough,

Because since he loved me I wouldn’t question if I am,

Because communication is not the constant issue and insecurities aren’t some secret to not be mentioned,

See because we love each other we acknowledge the faults

And we give fifty/fifty,

Because he loved me… we made it past our sixties

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