You Might Not See This, but That Was Not Love

Yeah, You might not see this,

But I want you to know that I'm here for you.

I saw how she treated you, and its's ok to express yourself through words,

and not violence like she taught you to.

What happened between the two of you was not love, 

even though everyone called you both the 'cutest couple' of the whole school,

I saw your plead for help.

The way she forced you to stop talking to us, your friends,

The way she made you feel bad for saying "I love you," to your own cousin,

The way she forced herself onto you to make me feel jealous,

I was there to see it all, and let me tell you this,

That was not love.

The way she made everyone turn their backs to you after you laughed at someones joke,

The way she turned the smile you always had into a bitter frown,

The way she made you fear me,

That was not love.

The way she started blaming you for her alcohol addiction,

The way she tried to make our own teachers turn against you for her 4.0 dropping,

The way she forced you to not reach higher ambitions, just so you could spend more time with her,

That was not love.

The way she made you collapse in class,

With all eyes on you, 

I regret not picking you up from the floor that day,

she picked you up, after all that suffering and acted like nothing happened

"The cute couple has done it again," is all I would hear

but little did they know, 

That was not love.

The would ignore your tears, and only see the girls happiness,

They ignored your screams and only heard her laughter,

They ignored your suffering and only saw her pleasure

That my friend, with all my heart I'm telling you, was not love.

I'm glad you learned, 

and because I love you,

I don't want to see you go through something like this ever again,

Where you're seen as a thing that doesn't feel, or have ambitions

only because you're a male.

Where you're seen as a person who's supposed to handle being yelled at,

only because you're shy,

Where you're seen as a person who's accused of providing the partner alcohol,

only because you're mexican and laid back,

in other words:

Don't change yourself for the person you're going out with!

Because That is not love,

I would know all this, because not only am I your friend,


Because I Love You.

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