Heavy Love

We stole glances from across the room

Which is something I never thought I’d do

Especially with someone like you

Because you were




So we went on a few dates

And at the rate that things were going

It was perfect

Until it wasn’t


Because my innocent glances turned into

“Misleading” actions

Which gave you permission to do things I can never forgive

Because holding your hand turned into holding my cheek from the force in which you hit me

And although my mind tells me to get out of the situation I constantly put myself in

I can’t

Because I love you

I can’t


Because I love you

I stayed

And now this pain will never go away

You can’t even look at my face because I disgust you


Me too


And no matter how hard I try

I just can’t get it right

Because nothing is ever right to you


Because I loved you

I stayed


But feelings fade away

And today

I will take off the weights you put around my neck and free myself

From the burden of love I tried so hard to hold on to

And I will rise above the standards I lowered myself to


Not because I love you

But because it’s time to love myself


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