Pain or Pleasure

Because I have been by your side for years now, you think im attached,

You call I dont pick up, So you swing and I collapse,

Chains bearing so hard I struggle and unwrap,

Words so cold, I can't help but detach, 

From love, from you, from us, I can't help but to snap.

I gave you everything, and your too stuck in the past,

Chasing a different result, with the same actions as the last,

What is love without trust, what is faithfulness without hope,

As I wipe my face, I can see the blood dripping down from my throat,

A busted lip, nose running, and you still think its a joke.

(Yelling) Can You Hear Me Now!

I turn to him and he begins to smile,

That evil grin begins to break me down,

Weight so heavy I feel as if Im about to drown,

Pointing telling me my nose is so red that I look like a clown,

And when I try to leave here comes the breakdown.

Because I love you so much you should stay,

No man will love you like I do anyway,

Your useless, hopeless, I wipe my feet with you like a doorway,

You know you'll come back and im only a call away.

See you think im silly but I see the real you,

The shiny polished look, the only one your fooling is you,

Did you ever really think this love could be true,

This is our final destination and here comes the breakthrough.

I can love again, I found new hope, no man should laugh at my pain like it's a joke,

There was a time when I once felt I was broke,

Accepting hugs in the daytime and at nights I am choked,

But there is real love and it never has to hurt,

I found a real man who accepts me and I don't even have to take off my shirt.

Next time I will remember to look for the signs and stay alert!


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