'death' grief

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IF DEATH WAS A HOTEL If death was a hotel I would have made more than a reservation. I would have stood tall at the very entrance and asked the receptionist to get me a waitress.
Bang! Bang! Shots rang And everyone came Gathered round to see who'd be the next name Added to the list of Black men Never to see the light of day again Because it had been stolen Robbed
took a journey starting yesterday It started on the phone A car A hospital A bed And ended with “goodbye”
Don’t be ashamed my dear, That you contracted HIV Most have taken that risk I would never think differently To hugs or sharing drinks
Pull and push, breathe. Tug and tear, breathe. Claw and grasp, breathe. Stare at the ceiling, whilst the present tries to slip away, as you hold to it so desperately
I’m slowly losing the pieces of you that littered my memories. You’re beginning to fade from me. I can’t remember what your voice sounded like, or your laugh.
The body so cold and useless It’s the soul that gives the life It can not be killed Only change form The body is what dies
i did not know her like i wanted to, but she was better than many people i have known. she may not have been my family, but she was more important that i could have expected. she was important to my best friend, 
 Mom,I don’t know if I’ll ever know the words.So I put them in here. Another somber satin poem bathed in choked back tears. The paper smells like heartache and burnt oil. All from the underlying turmoil. Time has never seemed to lessen this blowAn
You lasted only 21 years on this 4.5 billion-year-old rock we call Earth. On a universal scale, each second in Earth's time represents 440 years.
Dear Grandma Gloria,   There is so much I wish I could have said when I still had the chance             But I didn’t…   There is so much I wish we could have done together             But we didn’t…
A Letter to Grandpa   Grandpa, How do I say goodbye?   I remember the days spent at your ranch, They fill me with joy- and with guilt.  
Dear Grammy, It is often hard to believe that you are no longer here. I hate that you had to leave and that I can no longer be near, you.   I miss... you.
Dear Daughter,   You have barely started your journey. So pure, so naive. You should not already know this pain.   The pain you have experienced,
Flowers grow here Small white blossoms amongst the grave markers Blooms hold their breath, expectant A preacher's voice, a low murmur Choked sobs beneath dark umbrellas Drowned in the rainstorm
Tears filled his kaleidoscope eyes The second time I had seen him cry. He couldn’t just let it be.   He was told to take those broken wings-
Grandpa George Itasca County Cemetary Plot CA2724   When the seasons’ change, It starts off slow, you enjoy it. Then it speeds by, turning into Something else. But what?
Dear Soldier, The empty road is decorated with the bending trees. The shadows loom ominously. But the sunshine still peeks through.  
No, its ok Nothing happened Everything is great Everyone’s happy I’m so happy Her? No, she’s fine No no trust me she’s ok
Across these rigidWastelands, Perseus holds hisSnake ridden trophy,For he decapitated,This monstrous, Gorgon bred Queen
It is the pink mountain of cheeks  And blue rivers of tears It is the white and pale yellow of candles Flickering flame reflected on the stairs It is strangers linking arms to sing a prayer  
Dear God, The great all glorious man in the sky It's me, you're originally raised catholic girl who's grandparents installed in her your love I stayed a good girl for a long time, I prayed and I went to church
Through the silence, I listen. Your soft breath caresses my ears, With a feathery whisper. Your presence lingers Even after you're long gone. Ashes to dust, To dirt you fall deeper,
I was standing in a river gently flowing, the fish were nibbling my toes right below me.  The breeze on my face was so soothing, it felt as if I had nothing worth proving.  The singing of birds was music to my ears, draining my sorrow and relinqui
A pale white rose Dipped in blood Given to the one that rose and fell. Six feet underground Will rise one day, In a memory In a dream In a nightmare. Rest in peace please
I let out a shaky breath as I gaze around at the whiteness of the hospital “This is for her” I remind myself   Feeling the tears form in my eyes
It’s all so unsteady, like the weather in May Where the sun is supposed to stretch its rays But all we get it’s the cloudy days with more rain. I couldn’t keep up with what’s happening,
They say hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.   What if you bear witness to all, does it get harder to avoid or easier to give in to fates wicked game  
Just hours after I died I went back home Back into the warm welcoming arms of my mother Unusually, she didn't fondle around with my hair this time Instead, she had her eyes fixed on that stodgy vague wall
She's there waiting, She knows my fate. I'm on my way, She Hoped I'd wait. I miss her so. I fear I'm late. I see her standing, at Heaven's gate.
It seems like only yesterday They called to say you were gone I couldn’t think of a thing to say I thought it was a con I watched mom faint And heard dad cry out You weren’t a saint,
The moment you took your last breath, was the moment my heart would be buried with you in your coffin. Every morning since then I have died with you.
There are 365 days in every year, Each of those days holds 24 hours, And each hour owns 60 minutes, where there's 60 seconds per minute.   Lives can change in a matter of seconds, but in the span of an entire year,
Who am I? Who was I? Who will I be? My mind wonders aimlessly as I see you lying at my feet Though your troubles have ended my world stays troubled still As I fight to attain all that for me you willed
The world was silent. Well, not really. It carried on in it's Usual ruckus of noise As if nothing had changed. But my ears were no longer listening.   Four wheels pulled into the parking lot
Johnny lets play, Like when you were young. I don't want to go away, Come play.   Don't you remember me, I was your friend since you were three. I don't want to go away, Come play.
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