took a journey starting yesterday

It started on the phone

A car

A hospital

A bed

And ended with “goodbye”

But it wasn’t quite a "goodbye"

Goodbyes are for


And goodbyes are endings

And people who have given up

Instead I said “see you soon”

Because I know

That at some point there will be a

“Hello again”

So I know my broken journey isn’t over

And this journey is going to hurt more than the “see you soon “ itself

A heart already made of glass broke into pieces

Each shard stabbing me with every breath

And I've grieved an ocean so full of sorrow you could get lost in it

Filled with graveside visits

And driving past a cemetery I see everyday

Looking out the other window

But there are things in my ocean keeping me afloat

Our dreams of travel

And the hint of your smile in the back of my mind

I remember you

And your love

The beauty and light you brought into even the darkest room

And the hope you offered even when there was little left for yourself

So while my broken journey isn’t over

I'll have your memory to guide my way


This poem is about: 
My family


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