Words Never Spoken

Dear Daughter,


You have barely started your journey.

So pure, so naive.

You should not already know this pain.


The pain you have experienced,

is not one that can be healed.

By any medicine,

by any material entity.


The pain you have experienced,

is one that you will carry.

A piece of your heart is missing,

no longer whole.


Searching for pockets of sunshine,

you come up empty.

Succumbed to the sadness,

of missing me.


Keep trying.

Keep searching.


For my love,

You have so much left.

So much potential.


With hair the color of the sweet strawberries,

We used to eat.

With eyes the color of the freshly cut grass,

We used to play in.

You will change the world.


And while my body may no longer

be on this Earth.

Know my soul,

Is now one with yours.


You are never alone,

For I have been with you

All this time.


This poem is about: 
My family


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