What Does Grief Look Like?

It is the pink mountain of cheeks 

And blue rivers of tears

It is the white and pale yellow of candles

Flickering flame reflected on the stairs

It is strangers linking arms to sing a prayer


It is shots fired

One injured 

One dead

It is gathering to mourn

The tragedy of someone so young


It is a final breath at 6:35 AM 

Not even knowing she wasn't alive 

It is wanting to move

But stand still at the same time

The edges are blurred

But sharp at the same time


It is trying to live up to the legacy 

The tragedy of someone so old 

Someone so stubborn

Someone so humble and bold


It is the image of her smile 

Hitting you on a rainy day 

Realizing it looks just like yours

So you smile back 


It is looking at the ugly things in life 

And making them beautiful again

It is relishing in pain for a second

But standing tall in the end 



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