Just hours after I died

Mon, 05/01/2017 - 11:19 -- Kaenat

Just hours after I died

I went back home

Back into the warm welcoming arms of my mother

Unusually, she didn't fondle around with my hair this time

Instead, she had her eyes fixed on that stodgy vague wall

With regret and betrayal asserting 


Just hours after I died

I called my bestfriend 

I tried talking to her, received nothing but a vague reticence

Maybe she was just mad at me for leaving her alone


Just hours after I died

I ran up to my boyfriend

Desperately waiting for him to see me 

Craving his balmy hugs, just like the way he did yesterday morning

He didn't, he was on a phonecall with his friend

Sorrowfully describing me

Maybe he was demented too? Maybe I did something erroneous?


Just hours after I died

I tried calling my brother

Someone who'd never turn me down

Regardless of my actions

No reply

I ran back home, there he was

Scrolling through my instagram feed

I guess he wanted to spam me again like he always did?

Strikingly, he had tears in his eyes this time


Just hours after I died

I visited the cemetry nearby

That's where I finally felt vivacity

I ambled around, until I heard a voice

"This home. These are your people"


That's when I realized

Just hours ago

I died




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