Dear Soldier

Dear Soldier,

The empty road is decorated with the bending trees.

The shadows loom ominously.

But the sunshine still peeks through.


One day, the sun starts to set.

The clear blue turns into a cotton candy-swirl of pink hues,

Following the delicate touch of the clouds

That dare to stay above the horizon.


Another day, the mountain is drizzled with snow

And the green leaves cling with all their might to the branches’ shelter

while the yellow, orange and red leaves litter every inch of the sidewalk,

Lacing it with warmth.


Another day, the crisp blue air lurks in the early morning

brightened by the blinding rays of the sun,

Choking the moisture from the softened soil

And the roads still darkened by the showers.


At last, the blizzards, tsunamis, and scorching heat,

All at once, tore through the family,

Taking you away in the soft embrace of the wind.

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