Dear Mom

 Mom,I don’t know if I’ll ever know the words.So I put them in here. Another somber satin poem bathed in choked back tears. The paper smells like heartache and burnt oil. All from the underlying turmoil. Time has never seemed to lessen this blowAnd I don’t think it ever will - still haunting me from so many years ago. Those around me seem to prosper and flourish in their treasure chests of exuberant happiness While I brood and wallow in the corner teeming with bitter loneliness.  I have written you another letter illustrating whyYou were the greatest person I have ever had the pleasure to come by. I’ve since torn it up, thrown it out, and placed it into the trash binBecause I know a thousand wishes could never restore things to how they were back then. So I soak in the memoriesRemember your imageAnd shed a final tear. You’re in the back of my mind -Yet everything about you is still so clear.That’s where you will be for the rest of time And in every rainbow caressing the skyline. My heart forever robbed by the same midnight freighter On these cold rusted train tracks I won’t say goodbye, but see you later... P.S.I never know if I will ever come to terms with your deathBut for now - Love Always, Your Son,                  Seth

This poem is about: 
My family


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