Let it Be, Dad

Tears filled his kaleidoscope eyes

The second time I had seen him cry.

He couldn’t just let it be.


He was told to take those broken wings-

and learn to fly. How could he?

How could he-

when one thing he loved so much,

was taken away, ripped from his clutch?


When the only thing you need is love,

what happens when that love is taken

right from under you?

It’s not easy.

He couldn’t just let it be.

He didn’t know why he had to go.

Why he couldn’t have stayed.

Why nobody would ever stay.

Why everybody goes.


He expressed his sorrow through music,

while the guitars gently wept in the background-

while he wept into his wife’s arms, holding her loving hands.

And he loves her.

And he loved him.

He couldn’t just let it be.


But maybe-

The sun will come up

He’ll get a feeling

The birds will sing

And in the end,

Maybe there won’t be an answer,

Maybe he will just

Let it be.


This poem is about: 
My family


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