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Children are supposed to play, Not spend so much time wondering why they've been betrayed. At what age should a child be able to define dismay? How young is too young for a child to learn to hate?
If I had the strength to make it through another day, Maybe I would. But today I'm too weak to even cry. Trust me, I've tried. If I had the hope that life might improve, Maybe I'd pray.
Searching for a way to see. Reaching out for some kind of mercy. Kneeling before God, I plead, Please awaken me from this dream.   Searching for something about which to dream.
As your birthday approaches, The tears get harder to hold back, As I look back on my motives, Remembering when my heart was in tact. That day that I broke your heart, I also destroyed mine,
What if we suddenly awoke, Realized it'd all been a dream? What kind of feelings would be evoked; For us what would it mean?   And if I could give back all this time, Run back across the line,
Shine like a diamond when the world calls you coal   Ignite like a flame, even in winters so cold   Fly like a dove when storms are approaching.   Stand tall like a tree, when no one is watching
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Is that my heart in your pocket or are you just happy to hurt me?   What’s a masterpiece like you doing with a disaster like me?   Hey, you see my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I’m stable?
Don’t give up and never give in Keep fighting the fight and someday you’ll win So don’t give up and never give in I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again   This world will not greet you
Not long ago the growing pains started The pains that broke the broken-hearted The inevitable happened- I went blind   It was quite an experience at first My vision went from bad to worse
Not long ago the growing pains started The pains that broke the broken-hearted The inevitable happened- I went blind   It was quite an experience at first My vision went from bad to worse
Thank you, mom and dad, For your support through and through, The rest's up to me.
show up throw up grow up GET DOWN!   rise up time's up lift up SLOW DOWN!   he's up she's up what's up? GOING DOWN!
Alright, enough with this nice girl bullshit It took too long to understand that an open hand can't hold shit 'Cause the more you give, the more they want
Adventure is out there! I first heard you say  So I followed your voice -   and found you on your field day.      What are you doing, you ask, you wonder?   As I gaze on your motivations,  
If you can hear my voice, Speak up please,   Quivering in the shadows, Frightened of presumptions and Prejudice, I shut my voice to hinder Judgment. I am silent for The sole reason
Together let's go on a grand adventure. Just you and I, exploring this world that we live in.  
1,2,3,4How many gunshots moreHard to trust anyone in a blue uniformThey hold off on telling us what we did wrongBut swears to the judge we've been informedI feel unsafe in my streetsI fear a white boogie man strangling me in the sheetsI'm scared m
On the day my sibling chose the rope A woman came to the door  After dad cut him down  I listened to his chest There was no beat
The sands fall wastefully, Across the charcoal floor, How? I ask, with a harrowed sigh, Might I fill the glass with more?
When I grow upI want to be a programmerNot just any kindI want to write video gamesMake a character run or jumpMake a gun fireRemoving bugsGetting feedbackMaking changes
Enlarge your vision … and You can achieve whatever You put Your mind to ..   increase Your confidence .. inside You are untapped potentials ..   Your dreams can definitely come true ..
She, falling in love before   and he, to depart without   a bye so good   darkened Her heart from red to gray and further to black   it was as if death
I don't know, for how could I? I am complicated, yet want to be simple No one can tell me who I am For even I can't decide I wish things wouldn't change For good ideas are left to hang.
To speak but not to be heard.
Notice all the old folks, hear them say What happened to the kids nowadays? Sitting on their ass, shorts way too high Lying, cheating with pants down to their thighs This is the age of the young, wild, and free
Up, upward, I'm looking up, birds are chirping too, reminds me of things I want to do. Fly, flying high above away from cares I soar, my dreams my aspirations come tumbleing down like sheets of paper.
The riddles that ring,like the telephones from now and the pastThe dialing of the words that spin in a continuous circle, they always lastAnd when you answerYou want to know why they called
Be yourself they say  its ok your no different from the rest  But as soon as you choose to step out the closet Its like your all a mess You cant be different if you have a mindeset  of everybody else
Woke up in a dream under asphalt treessoaked in the sap of the sweltering citywearing these old rat rags               and sneering at the concreteGreyscale mindset stitched into my sleeve
Verse 1 Only: Sleepin while we're walkin but now we ain't stoppin/ Culture be always changing but God stays solid/ People be croppin the picture they dissolvin/ Forget about absolute we want our own option/
Life hits you like a bolt to a tree,
oh, you like her? oh please tell me more. wow, shes pretty! thats in creaqdible she really sounds like one of a kind. listen, now you have to understand here you seem to have this brain defficiency 
Never give
He lifts me up even when I  deserve to have fallen I constantly seek this faith and he guides me to my calling He is an awesome God with plans for my better He is my shelter in stormy weather
Its not always understood that maybe your cultural views and religon, tend to get in the way of many things.
I can't make through this pain give up   You'll never find a job man just give up   Don't try harder next time There is no hope for you give up  
I fear myself well who i think i might be i might be gay but my heart denies me it tells me no yours as straight as they come and then i see her and the butterflies run
I'm sorry!
We walk the same path
Word is Bond, for the understood it is fond, beyond the shallow of a pond, it overpowers the magician's wand, its not slick, truth overcomes the trick, few are chosen few that are picked, truth blows out candles in a wick, it build's mind's into t
Hey teachers, listen! Make your lessons exciting! I get enough rest...
I came into in to the world and I knew who you were But I didn’t know you I slipped out of the womb battered and bruised and the only reason I lived was because of you And yet I’m ungrateful Running around hiding
Feet on ground Head in the sky Making plans for the future When I am barely getting by Just happy to be smiling So lucky to be alive Whether money grows on trees Or I am begging on my knees
The royalty he desires Burns brighter Than any fire The dreams he always had Mislabeled as passing fads Late nights, constantly wishing For miracles that have been missing
  I have placed this pen in a behemothic, spherical object, Where it is not required to nest in the area it was assigned to,  But it has the option to wander around, And perform what it desires.  
The cardinal is red                                                                                    Happy as can be With its wings spread                                                                          
  When I was younger I would sit in the back of the classroom without saying a single word My teacher would always call on me
Words, they are a wonderous, miraculous creation.  They bring about many emotions in people, from melancholy to elation.   Why people would ever bring themselves to use these to hurt others, from someones grandparents, and even their little brothe
Fighting, but i'm weak with both hands. A vacation, eyes detect no beach, feet feel no sand. Double left handed, clubsy but talented. Can't get a job, did once but got fired because I couldn't manage the way my manager managed things.
The art of progression Is something of enlightenment The fact that you can evolve And then involve your mind In a split second A fragment of your life Becomes your whole Time Waisted
Why must you pull me back? you evil thing tugging with a lion's brutality on the cords of my ankles. then I cannot walk or run free. and leap through those transparent but fierce and threatening walls of this cage.
I would say I love the like the night loves the day, But we cannot correlate the feelings of all the times I created each one. My poems were a song of sorrow, They expressed my deepest anger with the world I used to know.
I'm twisted twisted up inside drowning in this love for you the knot in my throat only worse with every fleeting moment
i simply wish to speak without a curse holding me back i dream of letting words come out from the inside out without a trail of tears following falling from my eyes as if they were the skies
Like an object at rest I remained Although a force was acting upon me There was no reaction of mine To the change that had happened What a strange phenomenum of science I was I didn't react when I should have
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