I fear myselfwell who i

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 15:55 -- Deshey


I fear myself

well who i think i might be

i might be gay

but my heart denies me

it tells me no yours as straight as they come

and then i see her and the butterflies run

I try to fight it belive me i do

being different is hard its true

i act as though i dont feel this way

but i do i think dahm i might really be gay

beilve me i dont have problems with guys 

Im not running because i cant be with a man

cause i can i can belive me i can

I fell im slowely reveliling a side of me that is real

when i walk with her it feels so real

but once again my heart tells me no 

tells me im straight cause thats all i know

i fear it i fear her i fear all the staires

But she always says who cares

i love you for you thats what they hate

a true love is something they cant appreciate

i lok in her eyes and see just what she mean

this is all i feel i feel her loving me

and im happy so happy just her and i

if its bad to be gay 

well then bad is I




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