Alright, enough with this nice girl bullshit

It took too long to understand that an open hand can't hold shit

'Cause the more you give, the more they want

And the more they want, the more they take

And the more they take, the more you bend

And the more you bend, the more you break


But I'm not breaking any longer

These cracks in my armor have made me stronger

I took some wrong turns along the way

But I'm back on the plan and I plan to stay

And I'm not afraid to say what I need to say

Play the games that I need to play

And maybe they can take away everything else

But they can't take my name


Wind me up and watch me move mountains

Counting out the thousands that doubt me

But without me, they'd be drowning down and out

Shouting, amounting to nothing, I'm so damn

Sick of this dogfight culture, vultures circling

around the hurting, and think they soldiers

When they ain't worthy to stand on the shoulders

Of the giants that they


Claim to be, you mothafuckas all the same to me

You're changing me, brought out the rage in me

And now there's no taming me

The gloves are off, I ain't here for fun

There'll be nothing left by the time I'm done

So if you're not beside us, you better run

Step off the warpath


Thank you to PowerPoetry for this outlet
Without it, I doubt it would be a crowd that
Would gather to share in the scares that I carry
Barely staring down the mountains standing
Over me

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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