Bottled Up Heart

I don't like to sit here and talk about emotion
I rather bottle up my heart and throw it in the ocean
Let it sink to the bottom like the necklace from titanic
Whenever it's discovered no one will understand it
Feelings buried beneath the floor of the sea
Hidden from the world for no one to see, not even me
I remember the last time I let myself feel
It was a rough day I didn't know how to deal
So I shut myself off and I drifted with the current
The waves took over, now I watch my life but can't control it

It's better off like this because I can't feel any pain
But I feel bad for the people that can't forget my name
What have I been doing, who have I become?
Every time I wash up on shore, I pick back up and run
What's the point of opening up when no one cares to understand?
I rather let my bottled up heart get washed up in the sand
Why pour my heart out when no one cares enough to listen?
I rather live alone on an island so I can watch the sun glisten

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very expressively sincere

i felt the honesty in this poem

it's too bad that people never took the time to understand you

poetry is one of the outlets that permits you to convey your emotions powerfully

keep writing


Thank you so much it means a lot to hear some feedback! I appreciate it :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's no problem

its about building life giving relationships with people

giving back is very rewarding

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