A Lion Crowned King


The royalty he desires

Burns brighter

Than any fire

The dreams he always had

Mislabeled as passing fads

Late nights, constantly wishing

For miracles that have been missing

Visions, of standing proud

His head, kept in the clouds

Misjudged and preconceived

His ideas always deceived

His spirit? They shot it down

Besmirched his phony crown

Then one day, he said enough

A diamond in the rough

He took the journey strong

It was all to prove them wrong

Til the day, they sang his song

The day they rang his gong

Of royalty and passion

Dismissing all of the ration

The destiny that he sought

Now is his hard and earned spot

The throne, it is his throne

His crown, is what he honed

The emperor of his time

His moment is so sublime

The king of utter zeal

This moment is so surreal

Tears of glory fall

From eyes that seen it all

But was it all really worth it?

Maybe fame is distorted

Royalty? Was it succeeded?

Or is his life what has receded?

He achieved his one true goal

Yet his life, blacker than coal

His dream turned to regret

Experiences change mind set

Everyone thinks he has it all

But demise is now his call

Inside his castle walls

His heart...it slowly falls

But he will be remembered

His name...never dismembered

His lesson will be prevailing

His name...forever hailing

His song we'll always sing

A lion...crowned king


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