The Art Of Progression

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 15:43 -- trel92


The art of progression
Is something of enlightenment
The fact that you can evolve
And then involve your mind
In a split second
A fragment of your life
Becomes your whole
On getting orchestraded
But when the dust settles
And you can actually
See what I'm saying
Without me asking you
Is when I'll reach
A peak
Of total elation
Not because I'm
Meaning high
But because
We are on the same
Plane of exsistence
And you chose to drive
I will know
That we both
actually chose
to live our lives
Before we die
We wore no diguise
We told no lies
to eachother
But to others
we choose to fight
For our right
To ignite
And take flight
In this life
Ive said this before
But history repeats itself
So at this point in time
I would say
Its more
Then alright
To bite
My own style
Even though I'm 20
And still considered in some sects
To be juvenile
I gather knowledge
Like wisdom
that grandmothers
Seem to sow much
Hand down
But I would feel better
If it was just passed around
Then I can avoid
Looking like a clown
Because you chose
To look down on me....


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