Dear Love

I'm sorry!

Please let me explain

I never meant to hurt you

I just knew the game.


I thought you just hurt people

And never felt pain,

So when I couldn't have you

I went insane!


I did some things

I wish I could take back

Cause I only knew lies

Now I know facts


Listen, please understand

I promise I won't do wrong

I just been waiting on you

For so very long



But I promise to stay paitent

And let you find me

Cause I know what I deserve

And I know what will be


So please correct my heart

Drown it in your mind

Destory the evil

That was created by time


I want to know you,

So I know what to look for

I promise I'll stop

I won't run anymore!


I'm here to stay

And I'll prove it to you

I won't lie anymore

I'll always be true


I really want you, Love

Just give me a chance

And I promise

To give you a real romance


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