Together Let's...

Together let's go on a grand adventure. Just you and I, exploring this world that we live in.


Together let's walk the streets of New York City. Our hometown filled with sky high buildings and concrete jungles. The people don't give a fuck about other people's feelings but we care about ours and that's all that should matter. 


With you, I want to analyze every morsel and fiber of your being . I am the scientist and you're the test subject. The only thing that'll be tested is how captivating your smile is, how mesmerizing your eyes are, how beautiful your mind is and how much our love has an effect on the both of us. 


Together let's go out to eat at our favorite restaurant. We can dress up as if we're going somewhere really fancy when in reality we're going to a place that sells the best cheeseburgers in town. You'll compliment me on how much you like my dress and I'll tell you how sharp you look. 


We'll order every appetizer, every dessert, and one main meal. We'll try our best to eat everything, feeding each other as we go plate by plate. When it's time to pay, I'll go to the bathroom and you'll follow suit. Before you know it, I'm kneeling on your back as I crawl out the window and once I'm out, I'll bring you outside with me. It'll be our very first dine and dash and probably our last because knowing us, we feel too deeply and think too much. The adrenaline and the rush would be too extreme for our goodie two shoes' lives. 


Together let's make love. We won't be fucking or doing a quickie; we'll be making love, putting our bodies as close as we can, engulfing each other with what we have to offer. You'll slide into me and all the memories, all the flashbacks of us would come flowing into mind. 


You've seen me naked way before this. You've seen me naked every day as I open up to you, whether it's removing my clothes to allow you to embrace me or opening up my mind; this labyrinth of questions, theories, and thoughts. 


Together let's just love each other so fucking much that'll make people jealous. I've never met a woman that I would rather be nor have I ever met a man who is more exquisite than you. 


...More loving than you...more you than you. 




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