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Sun, 09/24/2017 - 00:27 -- Lawliet

Adventure is out there! I first heard you say 

So I followed your voice -  

and found you on your field day.


What are you doing, you ask, you wonder?  

As I gaze on your motivations,  

I mumbled I mutter.


I never spoke, never chattered, never ran  

But you said you liked me -  

That was enough to be your man.


With a flash of bright light,  

Dancing with glee,  

I was filled with delight,  

That we finally married!


And so we started our life together,  

Built our house   

With a lot of heather!


Bright pastel colors with a dash of shade!  

It was marvelous! It was terrific!  

It was beautifully made!


Our careers bloomed,  

Balloon vendor and zookeeper,  

We lived comfortably, we were never in gloom.


The sky gave direction  

To make a child's room  

So I gave you my affection  

But it only ended in doom.


You sat outside, feeling the breeze,  

I gave you a book to set some unease.  

You gave me a smile and found   

A new reason to get off the ground.


A glass jar filled with change and all.  

It was something we started,  

And it sat in our hall.


But life got us a few times,  

A broken tire, leg, and house.  

We can always start again with a couple of dimes!


A year passed, and then two,  

The next moment we're old.  

Time really did flew.


We soon forgot our exciteful selves. -  

And carried on our story   

Until one day I was cleaning the bookshelves,  

And realized our childhood glory.


As quickly as I can,  

I ordered some tickets  

To go to a far-away land.


I was ecstatic and rhapsodic.  

I was ready to reveal.  

But that feeling was episodic.


You soon fell ill.  

As life has finally caught up.  

We have lost our thrill.


But don't you worry Ell!  

Because I love you so.  

I will leave my shell  

I will make sure I glow!


South America is my destination  

Paradise falls is my next location!  

Oh Ell, because I love you so,  

I will live for you until I too let go.



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Our world


Jan Wienen

Thank you ...


Did you figure out my inspiration? :)

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