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Old black and white pictures are faded and worn the pain they portray is there in her eyes. Innocence doomed from the time she was born, no tears for a childhood she lost in the night.  
It’s nearly 3am … why do I have such a strong presence of you on my mind. Why although hurt by you still care so much.I drive past you like we don’t have this slideshow of memories filled in our minds… 
I have worlds contained within me that hum as I step between them that sigh as I step through shadowed spaces. and dazzling places. a hallway beyond the veil a dark room left wanting
Look at this imposter, Hold them up high, In such regard, In such might, I must reply, What kind of history would they hide? An imposter so high, So kind and bright, Hopefully not shy, Can we reserve the honour of the night?Or will they flee the t
May I ask who are you? Who is this monster you've become? Why so hollow? Let's try again tomorrow Do better Stop being such a wrecker You turned into the monster they've called you to be 
Not very often a stranger becomes an integral part of our lives Is there a better illustration of this truth than the pandemic Corona Eight billion people of world are facing every day, every hour, every minute
I am a strangerStranger to my own bodyFeeling weirdLike it doesn't belong to me no moreStranger in my mind and to my mindBetween all the dark thoughts inside
        Existence  You asked me what inspires me? I was forced to look within Since I couldn't come up with an answer right away  I thought about changing the topic
As I dwell on this long and lonely road   One everlasting mile away from home   You see me on the bench, jacket zipped   Book open in my lap, my head dipped   Poetry in motion,  
I’ll never forget that last dance That I danced with her. It only took a smile, a glance And we were shoulder to shoulder. We sank so deep into a trance It seemed we’d never stir.  
I was warned about stranger danger. Strange equals bad Bad equals evil Evil equals torment Torment to whatever fucks people up; To the point that they need to be silenced
My dog died over four years ago, And her ashes rest above our fireplace: A mantlepiece Behind a photograph of her that was there when she was alive
i look inside myself, i found a stranger i look out to my mirror and i found a stranger i looked into a window i found lots of strangers i looked out to the classroom door
  Sweat, I feel it dripping down, wet. Heavy breathing  I close my eyes, hoping it’s just me dreaming. Softly touches me, I hold him tightly...   Trapped,
Our hearts are wild creatures, perhaps that is why our ribs are cages; I think not. For they are the silly crazy foolish little things that go about slipping and sliding, and more dangerously, falling in the dark.
Dear Friend, Never could I have pictured, We would be here today With everything and nothing figured Not black or white, just gray.   Five years ago, we had everything,
Dear Grandfather,   I don’t even know what to say to you. You’ve made a writer speechless. Congratulations.  
I met you two years ago, but I never knew your name.   I was a waitress at a food kitchen when I first met you. I instantly saw your pain.   You looked no older than twenty, but you had wrinkles like an old man.
I look at you with longing eyes and I recieve a warped image of a stranger who was once full of love. Was I wrong to wear my heart on my chest for the world to see. Was I wrong to love you with all that I had inside of me.
This overwhelming tension is so blissful. How your soul is not resentful. You're the definition of freedom, unique spirit that's so seldom. Exterior of a goddess, superiority on every asset,
Sex is such a given At this point, I wonder what else People will ever seek In a stranger. -ajh.
New to my home town, left at eight months but now returned after many years love surrounding and mingling with my many peers while others drink beers I drink water, juice, soda
I hope your heart is as a child. Joyful and full of laughs. The world is not good, but there is good out there.  
Its amazing, someone who was once a stranger, Has become so much more. An installation in my life. A part of every conversation. A bit of every thought, all the time, every day.
A Strangers Bravery   There is so much pain and suffering, For a land that should be free, So much death and anguish,
a star shines bright in the dark night skies but when the morning sun rises it hides   a hero lends a helping hand to a needing man
No matter how many hours i sleep or how many hours i watch or how many hours i cry you’re always in the back of my mind  
We met the other day, All was fine one could say. Let's face the truth: it was not. We were strangers to one another, Different from what we thought. It was awkward, Was it not?  
See the look on her face, Almost looks like desperation, Maybe desire, No way of knowing, Never met her, Staring at her though, Wondering if she's afraid to love, Afraid to even look,
See through the eyes What falls in-between Touch with the tips And feel the breeze Taste with the lips And smell through the pits The tears I bleed And what nature relieves  
Looking out into the corner, On this warm day, I caught a glimpse of a sparkle. A sparkle in this stranger’s eye. Then a dominant dimple Upon his right cheek. He acquired my glance and made a smirk.
In the darkness you can see not a soul see not a soul but your own so there you are alone with familiar stranger feeling like you're in danger surrounded by who knows what the mystery weighs way too much
Srangers cry, People die,  No- one bats an eye. Bloods on the floor- Cops at the door, Guns in the Drawer.              
Your voice says come closer. I hear only danger. I look at your beautiful face. You look like a stranger. Space is expanding, but my space ship is landing.
The key to mystery is balance; Though, I suppose, it doesn't really matter if you're not trying. Sometimes the silence doesn't hang quite as heavy as it used to
Water runs so slow Patiently cutting a path I am unstoppable
Concrete blocks on the sidewalk A bounce in every step A beam for each passing face A passion firing to every heart A simplistic reminder
Him and I had to take a break So I guess you can say I went on a retired leave   For the simple fact I was tired of the same predictable sensory His touch is no longer familiar like a stranger in the night  
...We should probably stop speaking because I don't know who you are anymore and my mother always told me not to talk to strangers...
I miss your soul like fire
I'm that weird girl that sits in the back The quieter you are the less attention you attract Though I'm not the only one who would rather it dark At times I find those with that same unique heart  
The souls of masses wander lost among,
In this reflection
I see a stranger standing there And wonder of her cares. Where is she from And why did she come? What are her fears  What causes her tears? I wonder why she is alone
To K.    She started off a as normal girl didn't know about the cruel sad world Spent her time picking flowers
Stranger. Bitterness. Anger. Hurt.   Because of your bitterness I am a stranger. Because of my hurt that makes me a stranger.   Your anger at the world hurts me.
H appine    ss unknown to us as promising as GNIHTON as obtainable as air
I meet a man today. I have known him before. Maybe it was in a past life. He was a simple man of simple means yet he knew of the world. He knew about its wonders and its horrors.
A tattered old man from the east approached Spouting words of a God I'd never known
I never knew what love was like That was until I met you How could I forget? Your smile, your eyes the way you fret It made me feel like I was invincible. All that changed one day.
So I walk aimlesslyWithout aim   Where did I come from?Well, that’s a trivial matter  
You're sitting on bricks stacked haphazardly upon one another in the heat of the August sun.
I saw you pass by my open window and your scent of flowers came rushing in I watched as you crossed the stone path laid before you Like a queen following the royal carpet laid before her  
Once as a child I looked into this woman's eyes,and all I saw was this empty gray.She smiled and it was almost believable,but the gray seemed to drain the colorof her face
Running though the woods, hiding in the bushes, breathing though the air. I walk though so carefully, and only to feel a stare. I see you, and fell in love, only the though of you stained my mind.
Not many people know I have a stepfather…   Her soul is married to anger Their fingers intertwine like dreadlocks As they drift away into the eyes of each other  
I thought you were the victim Crying behind the hands that shielded your eyes Wondering exactly why I gave into your lies Trust Something we were supposed to have
The tears roll down from his eyes and are blown away in whispers By the wind This Man I do not know him   He cries in an agony I cannot see He is alone beside me
I.Capture the sea,the swimming wind,the blue and the greena lovely stranger’s eyes, liquidthey seduce, lull, glitter.Breathe gently into greenuntil they are like blueribs upon the water
We drove through the evening blueness at a rapid pace, streetlights and buildings blurring to join the smear of stars. The moon was a sliver, the smirk of a watchful stranger given to those who glance uneasily his way.
I’m really good at some things. Like, my memory. I can remember events that took place, words said, words that went unsaid, places touched…places touched. I’m not that good with names,
Friends walk into our lives, and walk out as easily. It makes me question their strives, Isn't that terribly?
The fifth element is a pearl, like the ones you find in clams. The ones that are like the world. Or so the man at the bus stop said. A few quarters will buy you wings, so you don't have to take the bus
You probably have many friends And don't want to be bothered By a friend of friends Who you may not know well. Well, if you want to see The finest side of me, Which warms like sunlights
He stood there in the snow Flakes flying eyes aglow Slowly, gently ,like lace the whirlwind of white Blanketed o’r his face Treading through the mess, walking gracefully
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