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Friends walk into our lives,
and walk out as easily.
It makes me question their strives,
Isn't that terribly?

I generously give,
they willingly receive.
Then, one day to the next they leave,
with a breeze.

Again, I question them,
I was told I was a gem.

I was told wrong,
but I will stay strong.

I met a lady on the plane,
she kindly said "oh you're easy to know!"
I quickly refrain,
and reply "is that so?"
She smiled "people are like acid rain."
With my eyes wide, "but I let go."
She saw through me, "Let me explain.."
She continued, "you are a flower drawn by van gogh..
... I can see the pain."
I start to feel as if I'm on a talk show.
Sincerely she says "Even through the rain...
... you must remember how to out-show."


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