Thu, 02/06/2020 - 16:07 -- Narly


You asked me what inspires me?

I was forced to look within

Since I couldn't come up with an answer right away

 I thought about changing the topic

However, I wanted an answer for myself as well

So, I asked myself the question

I put my pen to paper and allowed myself to write all that came to mind

I repeated the affirmation: I must be inspired by something or someone

I began to write:

Inspired by the good I see daily

Inspired by the people who choose to smile

Inspired by my friends that are supportive of my spiritual journey

Inspired by my interactions with strangers

Inspired by the strangers that greet me daily

Inspired by the stranger that stopped me in the middle of the beauty aisle to ask me what color hair dye should she get

Inspired by the stranger who saw me waiting for the bus and checked the time the bus was coming for me without me asking

Inspired by the stranger who asked me for $2 to buy hot chocolate and jumped up with excitement and said "thank you God!"

Inspired by the stranger that felt comfortable in my presence to tell me that her daughter is in need of medication that she couldn't afford at the time

And it just happened to be that I had the exact amount of cash on me

Inspired by the stranger I met outside the grocery store

He expressed to me that he recently became homeless and asked for some change

My heart wanted to give as much as I can that day, so I gave him $20

The stranger shouted  to me "I love you!"

Those words touched my heart deeply and gave me a sense of belonging

I felt as though none of these events were coincidence, but meant to be

So when I question my existence

I am reminded of the "I love you" from that stranger

It reassures me that my presence on Earth matters


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