Stranger, We Meet Again

Him and I had to take a break

So I guess you can say I went on a retired leave


For the simple fact I was tired of the same predictable sensory

His touch is no longer familiar like a stranger in the night


So in the dark I fight to be reunited with rhyme

His inked words of wisdom is no longer legible


Left without a trace only memories of inspire-ment

Since we both been away for what feels like eternity


Can that be our purpose relatively speaking? 

Here I was with emotions leaking from my vessel 


And he was my muscles of sanity

With every fiber of my being not being able to have my


Grasp on him became belittling

I miss the sensual drug mostly when I was high off my talented


With him I laid while he nursed the scares that the real world made

I’m proud of the fact I have another chance to redeem some time


Him being my special partner

I would have to smile and say, “Love at first write“


With him he knew what I wanted to say 

And the meter and interpretation just collided and danced together 


I indulged all my masterpieces as if everyone was my last

Our relationship was spontaneous from spark to finish


He pen pointed my penmanship he being my instrument of substance

And truth be told I still love him


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

like the metaphoric expression to this poem

spoke in high volumes

very creative-dope piece overall


Lots of creative language, keep submitting...more, more!

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