The hungry Stranger

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 20:54 -- star2be


United States
42° 58' 23.4444" N, 71° 15' 49.1868" W

He stood there in the snow
Flakes flying eyes aglow
Slowly, gently ,like lace the whirlwind of white
Blanketed o’r his face
Treading through the mess, walking gracefully
He turned and stared at something invisible to me.
I stared off into the distance, through the tangled and glistening wood
What I saw startled me and I became rooted to where I stood.
He tried to run and it turned into a dance
This fight for life became his only chance
The creature from the forest saw him as he fled
But within moments the shining fox was dead
A river of blood cam flowing
From its head the wound was showing
That bullet forever muted the fox
That once stood before me, greatly like an ox
The murderer stepped forward, trying to claim its catch
Suddenly it seemed that I had met my match.
I was surprised suddenly to see
A young girl of twelve standing before me
Clothed to match the snow, with hair as black as ink
As I got a closer look and decided what to think,
I saw the tattered, stained and torn
Garment she was wearing, without shame or scorn
A great amount of pity bubbled in my chest
I had nothing to give her, not even a vest.
I felt for this child
Who seemed so sweet and mild
Glancing down at the corpse near me and up at the pale grey sky
The huntress timidly stepped forward, like me she was shy
Our eyes met for an instant and I didn’t know what to say
She picked up the fox and then quickly ran away
I won’t forget ever the stranger, who I met during my walk on this frigid day.


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