A Note From A Stranger

Dear Friend,

Never could I have pictured,

We would be here today

With everything and nothing figured

Not black or white, just gray.


Five years ago, we had everything,

Friendship, compassion, trust.

Now all of that is held on a string

Which, at any moment, can combust.


I don’t know where we stand,

What this relationship has crumbled to.

It’s all gone, out of hand

After everything we’ve gone through.


The pictures, the messages, the notes.

They still exist, but where are you

You’ve become like a ghost,

A dark figure, a shadow, a statue.


For years, I blamed myself,

Thinking I was the one who was wrong.

But have you ever thought about yourself,

Perhaps you were the one responsible all along.


I’m still not aware of what happened,

What drove us to two opposite ends.

All I know is that I felt abandoned.

I just hope one day, we can once again, be friends.


With hope, 

A Stranger


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