The fight with the monster
Without any fear
The force field of self-esteem
Not letting anyone near

The concept to hold someone dear 
Or the process and lack of bravery which returns every year

Does it make your mind clear?
Does it make you happy, that you won?
Defeated the monster inside your head that always comes back to haunt you?
Your mind being spun, thinking that it will never be done

Your will to keep going your drive to love strong

The passion you dwelve in when your love to you does no wrong

When you turn on the radio and every songs about them

Its true bravery to hold it in when letting it out seems unforgiving

And then theres that moment when you let out the words without seeing

Seeing what your doing

And all you hear in the backround is booing

The booing of all your doing

To the point where you dont even know what your choosing

You realize your choice is love over loneliness

You embrace warmth over exile

When I'm with you my words go numb cause my feelings for you are endless

So with every ounce of my mind heart body and soul i give to you everything and leave myself


Yet brave



By Karimah, and Xavier





Awesome girl you did most i just helped


we did it together, xavier

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