Desire to Inspire Poetry Slam

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Why so scared little girl? Is it the tinfoil wrapped around your bones? My footsteps shaking your floor? Life leaving your neighbor's eyes? Being torn from the soil
6 pm on a saturday night   I stand at the open window in my second story bedroom Listening to the bells that ring for 15 minutes every day The wind blows into my messy hair
please do not come near if there is light  coming from the cracks in the door it means i am too scared frail and weak it means i can't face anything else other than the small light i hold in my hands
A walk through the park Infinite mem’ries Faded into time   Experience fades All impermanent Dimming forever  
Born amidst passions Of timeless opposites' attraction Flaring and flashing A heatwave arises between us Some call it magic We are getting hotter Stronger More complete with time Through love
On Sunday morning, Linen candles burn White wine and ocean breeze through open windows Fruits of the freshest and crystal chandeliers turn Silk clothing made for Gods Doves sing a beautiful song
I open a book.   I am in a grand castle Surrounded by lords and ladies, jesters and kings I hear the rustle of my ball gown
I sit of the rough grouns To watch the seed I'd just planted I sprinkled a little water around Hoping that my one wish wouldg be granted   Every few days I oul remember to water
From the moment I wake up To the time I lay down My day goes about Observing all around town   The people I pass 
Man-made blemishes on earths face   lost appreciation for open space   tainted waters, a polluted trace  leading to a polluting race  selfish motive it's not our place  to take what's living and deface 
Here comes the sun they say But do they really know the meaning? Optimism should help us shine! HA! Golden vibes, just stop intervening.  
How strange  to be in a place where your name is never spoken Where everyone stares  Where you are a foreign object A place with no comfort A place with only uncertainty Yet, how beautiful 
Calloused fingers, big hands, holding my own, strong and tight, saying you'll all always be there. Soft brown skin,  folds and lines grace your face, but when you smile,  I know you're still there.
it’s always been motel signs and neon lights music playing in the background   sipping wine on the balcony wearing red lips only for you’
The soft creak of a bed And the give of a mattress— A time and place where the day learned to die And we are left alone Our sanctuary, our haven,
Inspiration is a dry concept. You ask what me inspires me, but what if I don’t know? What if my life is just full of fear and doubt? Inspiration is hard to put into words.
Inspiration is a dry concept. You ask what me inspires me, but what if I don’t know? What if my life is just full of fear and doubt? Inspiration is hard to put into words.
A blade of grass in a field Bending in the breeze. Closer, Dew shines, Each tiny droplet shining against the  Fantastically green blade, reflecting the  Gaze of the sun.  How is it that 
With one powerful stroke I'm sailing in the air The wind gently caresses my face as I look for smoothness Each bump takes my worries away Each swerve gets my brain going With one lift I'm over a hurdle
shhhhhhhhh, says the faucet  to warn my mouth to keep quiet- 'cause currently a spaceship has entered the atmosphere of my brain and there have been reports of rain. 
In the dark a lonely room where is my sister? She has to be near My mind is a fog My mom is ill They took her away Now I am here So small in the world Wanting my family
there's something about the night sky. it's 2AM but I can't sleep, I stare through light pollution and smog to see only the brightest of constellations, and i think "someday i will uncover their secrets."
Toil and trouble, that's the American Way Land a good job, one that will pay Forget your passions, your desires, your truth Don't stray from the path, don't be uncouth   How did we get here?
I didn’t know what to say when I first met you. I got swallowed by your dark brown eyes, completely and utterly consumed by how spunky and soulful they were. I forgot how to breathe-
Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?   Why should I? Nothing really matters, so I shouldn’t even try. Why should I? Every single one of us one day will die.   Do I Dare
The early birds have arisen Reading coffee-stained words and Admiring the perks  Of this little train ride Like the rest of the younglings 
I put on a happy face Every single day, 24/7 Not for myself, it’s never for myself For my friends and family My friends deserve the world
Inspiration is ignited by imagination and interest in introspection. Something that simply surpasses surprise and seems to soothe you. Resonating if you choose to
Living a double life, is easier than you think Just wear the mask, loud and proud, no one will even blink You play your role, you know who they want to see The beloved son, the athlete, maybe even the geek
Like a burst of color behind my eyelids You're bright and bold, A contrast to the monochrome that swallows me whole. It makes me glad I met you, When every moment we spend is brand new.
The Flowers Blooming  The Smell of Paint and The Colors  The Leaves Falling  The Friends You Spend Time With  The Family You Love   
such a small word  but means so much fear that is applied so close you can touch memories that will forever haunt you following close behind
such a small word  but means so much fear that is applied so close you can touch memories that will forever haunt you following close behind
A gaze met mine over thin glasses Already finished?  
The road was straight.Potholes were occasionally hit. Then suddenly there was a fierce turn to the left. Without warning, darkness surrounded.
Roots twisted, tangled, firm, hold fast to the jagged rock upon the high cliff  her determined body rebels, splintering, against the thrashing breeze  
I am inspired by: giving other people time not money or fame    
I am Inspired By those around me   I am Inspired To be Better   I am Stronger Because of my family And their love   I am  Happier
Life is my inspiration, Every breath, Every heartbeat, Every tear, Every smile, Is poetry to me, It inspires me to create, And go on.    
On a nice day, I'll walk Where to? Not sure I usually don't have a set destination But, I enjoy walking It gives me motivation Whether it's to draw  Or to catch up with friends
Candles— They are quiet Low-flamed Background lights, Yet they burn; They glow; Sometimes they spark: One of them is as brilliant as the first orange leaf of autumn, Candles are
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