Just a Little History.

The early birds have arisen

Reading coffee-stained words and

Admiring the perks 

Of this little train ride

Like the rest of the younglings 

I myself, 

Am also sleeping

But not for long, see


A bright light finds its way through my closed eyelids

Disrupting me in a much so bothersome fashion

I always thought the sun to be quite demanding

But I refuse to pick a fight

With something so deadly


I open my eyes to admire the scene

There’s a colorful haze spiraling past my window

Splashes of green, blue, white, black, yellow, and brown nourish my eyes

With the faint chugging sound

And my train car rocking me to sleep

Everything felt so serene

So peaceful,

So perfect,

Until suddenly,

I glance out my window to notice an open plain

Of decapitated trees

And lonesome scenes

I see no birds,

No grass,

Just dust,

Like an old ghost town

Nothing was lively here

And I found no interest in this gloomy view

Or looking at another like this

So that day I made a vow

Never will I allow something like this

To be something I need to get used to

Because everything will change

And it will all be because of me

The animals will not hurt any longer

Because of a selfish man’s dream

To cut down trees

And pollute the seas

And leave my animals homeless and starved

I vowed to

Help these animals

And find them a sustainable home

Where they can not just survive

But thrive

And live out the rest of their lives

Without much disturbance from a creature

That kills out of inconvenience

And selfishness

This poem is about: 
Our world


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