Nature's Resilience

Tue, 02/04/2020 - 11:16 -- MR57464

I sit of the rough grouns

To watch the seed I'd just planted

I sprinkled a little water around

Hoping that my one wish wouldg be granted


Every few days I oul remember to water

The seed I wanted to grow

But every time I'd saunter

By, no part of plant would show


I began to water more frequently

Wantng to see the plant's birth

I wanted to, hopefully,

See it sprout from the earth


Soon I began to see a result

For small green plant began to sprout

Although it seemed like an insult

To all the hard work I'd put out


I wondered why it hadn't grown more

The I saw a huge weed

That was blocking light for sure

I had to get my seed the light it would need


I uprooted the problem

And light poured onto the plat

I smiled since I'd stopped the goblin

Which had been more annoying than a fire ant


Leaves soon started to sprout

From the small green stem

It got taller, no doubt

Finally, it had grown from within


No sooner had it be about to reveal petals

When the winds and rains came

Creating deep puddles

And the plant was their aim


It seemed like an eon

Until the shriek

Of the storm was gone

Leaving the plant small and weak


I cried in despair

Wondering why the storm had to come

And destroy the plant in my care

This was no longer fun


Slowly, I nursed the plant

Until it was big and strong

So that the storm shan't

Destroy it before long


As I watered it more

And the light touched it's leaves

Petals began to spread before

My eyes, which I couldn't believe


It continued to get bigger

Until it was taller than I

The stem was thicker

I smiled at the sunflower before my eyes


And whether rain

Or shine

Nothing could stain

This sunflower of mine


And it will continue to grow

No matter the foe


This poem is about: 
Our world


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