Don't Say It's the Sun That Shapes Us

Sat, 02/01/2020 - 15:33 -- Cpoem

Here comes the sun they say

But do they really know the meaning?

Optimism should help us shine! HA!

Golden vibes, just stop intervening.


Pitter-patter sounding far and wide

When a pattern begins to show. 

Singing on the streets and swaying on the roof

That we know is about to blow.


Tongues are twisted, thoughts are heated, 

We’ve had it up to here;

Composure somehow drifts our way

When no one lends an ear.


For we are the ones with a dilemma, they say,

‘Cause they’re protected; Inside. 

With walls to cover up we’re surely safe! 

But it seems there’s nowhere to hide. 


Succumb to troubles, let them rain down on you

There’s nothing left to lose.

We’ve lost our passion, lost our minds!

Now trapped down in the blues. 


Take our doubt, take our fear,

All misery and grief.

Like a snake shedding its skin,

Let us turn over a new leaf.


Sunshine or not, a light will shine,

Within ourselves we’ll see;

Not despair but a beam of hope

That’ll change what we can be.


Next time their hopeful wheels splash us

We have come prepared.

Our repellent suits will spray them with rain,

Transforming their means of care.


Yes, we’ll put on our weatherproof boots 

And leap and cry in cheer.

But that gleaming yellow ball of gas

Isn’t what brought us here.


It’s the flood of saltwater that rushed through our cuts

Through our open flesh and wounds. 

So don’t say it’s the sun that shapes us

Because that can only heal a bruise.


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