Heed the Call of Change

A gaze met mine over thin glasses

Already finished?


a wry smile hiding mythical lands of dragons and vast skies of stars

of battle stricken worlds and the movement of cars

of the thirst for knowledge, power, money, time

of crashing of waves, the burn of flames, the crispness of snow

in her eyes, i saw my hopes and dreams and fears

what’d you think? was it okay from being “a boring nonfiction book?”

that smile already knew what the book had done

It was more than a boring nonfiction this time

It was the start

I felt It coursing through me, a whisper in my thoughts



i closed my eyes, denying the smile and what it knew.

yet It persisted. trickling in when the deafening noise silenced,

when the lights faded and the doors closed



i got a new book, back to my normal fantasy

away, away from the last one

but It came back, the thought

It crept to dinner conversations, when the forks touched the plates with relief

when the glasses were empty and the steam had faded

It crept to Sunday mornings, when the coffee pot groaned and moaned away

when the lazy morning crept into late starts and the mind wandered

It begged attention 

Demanded it


i felt It this time, the clang in me when the words formed.

this was not the plan, It was wrong

no veterinarian or author

no soldier or motivational speech writer

no princess or teacher


It fought and clawed its way to the forefront

struck down the confusion in science and ignored the ease of English

slashed the shyness and quieted the doubts

slung the questions underfoot and piqued the new interest

shook my world and changed my mind



what’d you think? was it okay from being “a boring nonfiction book?”

It was revealing and commanding and furious

It was wild and emotional and wonderful

It was different from what i thought i wanted

It was new and terrifying and mine

It was Physical Therapy

It was my calling.

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