In the dark

a lonely room

where is my sister?

She has to be near

My mind is a fog

My mom is ill

They took her away

Now I am here

So small in the world

Wanting my family

Needing the comfort of my mothers welcoming arms

Foster care

It changes you

So vulnerable in a new place

Get comfortable

Stay awhile

Oh not for long

Time to go again

New place

New place again

Three families now?

But why?

Visits with mom

Leaving breaks my heart

Is she getting better?

Talks about returning home


Hope to be home with mom again



It's what we've wanted

Be a family again

But I am changed

It changed  me

Exposed me

Made me different

Good or bad?

Could it be both?

Could valuable wisdom come from the pain?

It could

I am me

These experiences have made me


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