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I'm on a little boat Which was never meant to set sail. I'm on a little boat, It is anchored by the bay. I'm on a little boat From where I greet you every day. I'm on a little boat
Julia, We never would have worked, You knew it long before I did. Before you left I had a friend, Now that you’re gone I feel alone.
We started out as strangers, We met -- you my teacher, I your student. I was drawn to your mystery, Your dark, brooding looks I was admiring. My heart fluttered a little each time you glanced my way,
Dear Almost lover,    I'm writing this because I never got closure. It's been awhile since we've talked and I think it's time for a disclosure and I don't want to be mocked.   
to the boy I once loved, sometimes i think that even the pain of dying isn't as unbearable  as the feeling of your heart shattering  into a million pieces   i'd rather experience the sensation
  Dad,   I remember …every single time you abandoned me in a car to chase your own desires …every single time you smoked your daughter away from your mind
Dear D, You’re my worst enemyWho is always there with me, From the moment I awakeTo the thoughts that I make.
Dear Nana, How are you? How have you been? I've been trying to be happy but how do I begin? I remember your last day like the back of my hand Little did I know time was running out like dripping grains of sand.
Dear "Him",  I can finally look at you and not feel my heart stop, though it still skips a beat but only for a second.  I can finally stop wearing the necklace you bought me our first year, though I'll never lose it. 
Dear Person, I thought I knew, The day we met I was at my best, life was full and my heart was beating out of my chest,
alone at night the fire rumbles  pushing hard to burst to life  spark of light in frozen jungle  virgin paper unstained by eye   precision folds urged to display  quiet letters hidden from sight 
To all young people considering returning to a boy who forfeit his right to be called a boyfriend I have some advice  
Lips, beard, eyes, hands, hair, chest. I miss you.  I miss our marajuana breath. My first toke, bedsand, bamboo sheets. Hold me when I cry Kisses make me weak Now I feel cheap.
One kiss. Sometimes that's all we get. Now I'll never wonder-   Call me if you ever need feelings. I have plenty to spare.  
I don't know what it is about you. Don't know why I ever even tried. You play Neil Young- maybe you also played me. Your arms are warm BUT our bed smells of something rotten. We hardly ever speak.
your eyes  they light up the darkest nights so please just carry me one more night a life without you would shake me with fright right you were right I was going to grow up and leave...  
For four years I waited on this moment.  As a freshman in high school I assumed that the only thing standing in between me and this moment was forever.
Lonely on the inside Can't seem to find my way   Thought this time was suppose to be Time that I'd find me   Forget about what pushed me gone I let go, and I was done  
With every unsaid wordbetween us,a new brick is addedto our wall of silence. This silence begannaturally as wegrewboth up and apart.
I wake to the sound of silenceThe absence of my screamingThe absence of your shoutsThe absence of my bed squeakingThe absence o your moans.There are no violent rips of clothingNo slimy lick of the tongue
And that day I went to bed but I never slept because I could never sleep without the part of me you kept
I have been put down In the harshest of ways And I cannot frown Because it is not you who deserves the blame.
I don’t mind that we went our separate ways it was bound to happen anyway I don’t mind the awkward feeling when we’re with mutual friends
It may have been a Monday evening when you felt your fingertips buzzing at your lips. It was a wind, a gust, of beauty in your anxiety Nail biting eating away at things that do not sense pain.
Green eyes envy more than blue Fields of emeralds feel softer than ocean waves, but not to you Absent anarchy fills absent minds Your tsunami still fills mine Uprooted by shrieks and horrors,
I don’t know what to say to you;
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
Can come in the form of que
don't tell me things about myself that i know are lies   don't say that i am not good enough when i know the truth   don't say that i am ugly when i can see clearly  
On the edge of the milky way I stand
Dear God,
I just want you to notice me  
There's a rule my mother lives by, a sort of moral code: "Never put anyone before your mother." This is because your mother is always there for you. Your mothers is the reason you're alive.
The water. It crashes over perfectly glazed-over, deep grey sand gently-- striving not to crack the breathtaking surface of reflections. The sun. It sinks quietly into the majestic purple and nectarine colored sky like silk.
Why I write?  Why I write?  The true query is why men speak So often?  So often when they do not mean what they say nor understand what they mean Or even care to
It is my rescuer This written word It helps me create my own other world I just pour my feelings onto the page And everything just seems to go away I conquer the bad And celebrate the good
Funny how I oftentimes write to escape, write to get shit off my chest, but it is in looking through any of the poems I have ever written that I can then tell you exactly why I wrote that, how I felt,
I'm not one to hold grudges I don't care about the hype. I've come so far and you know I'm not the vengeful type but I still can't believe I let myself stoop so low because you let me cling on to a false hope.
I can feel you all around me; you are the constant breeze making subtle noises on the entire backyard. Dead pine needles the same color as your hair hang surrounded by the green, of life.
Staring out at the city lightsI was wasting time, wasting timePhotographing the pieces, I reached new heightsRealizing the old colors never seemed to rhyme
They say it gets easier with time Pain and heartache “Everything will be okay, just wait and see.” But it’s been five years And it’s only gotten harder At least for me.
I’m throwin' my hand in I’m done with your games Don’t care if the next one’s Better Cause I’m tired Of the cold hearted Cheatin' and Lyin' It’s gettin' kinda old now A player
I can never love you Because you hurt me One too many times But I will always love you Because at one time You were mine And I was yours, Or so I thought You never told me
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