Dear "Him", 

I can finally look at you and not feel my heart stop, though it still skips a beat but only for a second. 

I can finally stop wearing the necklace you bought me our first year, though I'll never lose it. 

I can finally kiss someone else and not wish it were you instead, though I will always remember the taste of your lips. 

I can finally stare into your eyes and not be hit with a tidal wave of memories, though I will never forget how the fireworks by the courts shown brighter next to you. 

I will never forget the sparks, or the flame we shared. 

But flames were meant to die. 

You were poison in my veins and I struck venom in your heart. 

Three years later I can finally say I am ready to move on. 

I will always love you, but I can no longer be in love with you. 

This is the goodbye I always longed for. 

This is the end of our story. 


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