A Poem of Us

We started out as strangers,

We met -- you my teacher, I your student.

I was drawn to your mystery,

Your dark, brooding looks I was admiring.

My heart fluttered a little each time you glanced my way,

My cheeks pinkened when you drew nearer.


One day we met again, but this time different.

We shared a conversation over sandwiches.

You asked me questions about me and

Boy, did my soul take flight, really!


It was a Monday and we went to see a film.

Your eyes glued to the screen, but mine glued on you.

I felt the hairs on our arms touch,

It sent tingles down my shingles.

You said you liked me,

And right then I decided that you will be my "person"


7 months passed, I uttered my first "I love you".

You were wary, but I said "Don't you worry."

I only wanted to express what was in my heart,

And I will wait 'til you're ready.


True enough, after one year together, as I laid beneath you, you whispered:

"Do you think I don't love you?"

I shook my head, you assured me and said,

"I love you."


Our love was beautiful-- like a blossoming carnation in September.

We grew closer, more than ever.

It made me think you were my forever.


I remember every single word you've uttered.

All your touches, kisses and caresses.

Every rising wave of emotion in my whole being as you enter.

Oh, how happy we were!


One day I bit the bullet and spoke of compromise-- to that I wish I hadn't.

You told me you and I are over.

"Go live your own life, and I will live mine"

Half my life you took that night.


And just like that, we were strangers again.

Only so very much stranger, colder, harsher….

You do as you did before, but I'm left only as a shell of myself prior.

I said things as reaction to the abrupt end.

They were intense and strong like my anger.


You punished me by robbing me of a proper goodbye and explanation.

You said we'd never meet, ever.

I broke down outside the café we used to frequent

And the streets we used to walk in all seemed that much emptier.


I don't know what I did wrong. I may never accept how this was done.

But I know I owe it to myself to get better.

As I write this, I want to let you know, I forgive you as I go.

I love you always and forever.

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