The Better Half

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 21:28 -- jg2000

Dear D,

You’re my worst enemy
Who is always there with me,

From the moment I awake
To the thoughts that I make.

You know me better than myself
Or anybody else.
We have been together
From the beginning of forever.

Before my parents introduced you to me,
I thought that there was no such thing as forever.
But I can't imagine
A world where we are severed,
For we are rooted from our veins

To our face

To the end of life’s race.

You are a part of me;
In a sense, my family.
The twin that couldn’t find another body
Has taken residency within me.

I see you every day,
When I look at the reflection of my face.
I hear your voice when I speak
And feel your bottomless appetite when I eat.

Sometimes, I think you feed off me

And I’m happy

Because, to be honest,

I can't imagine who I'd be
If you weren't here
As my lead,

Cutting through the fear.

I confess I have tried to suffocate you,
Since you often make me feel like a fool,
But that only brought on harm
And did not disarm
The momentum of our sunken relationship,
That’s been to places unlike any rest.

We have survived countless tests
Losing on the verge of emptiness

That have only brought us closer
To the degree that anything will bolster
Our undeniable connection
That I no longer can live without

or deny.

You are the entity that knows me best
And always are with me regardless of the rest.

Thank you, Depression.


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