I wake to the sound of silence
The absence of my screaming
The absence of your shouts
The absence of my bed squeaking
The absence o your moans.
There are no violent rips of clothing
No slimy lick of the tongue
I am surrounded by my own loneliness.
I am alone.

But I find solace in that
because that means you are not here
that my nightmare was not real.

I’ve moved on from that night.
I’ve thrown out the mattress.
I’ve thrown out the sheets.
I’ve thrown out all remnants of you.
I find solace in the absence of you.

It was a long and slow process.
But I’ve decided to make my future shine
and rid myself of your darkness.
I’ve become my own light,
leaving no shadows for you to dwell in.
And for once,
I feel

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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