positivity in bad times


In 2020 the government

thought they were superior,

even though nobody’s inferior,

everybody is just equal,

but 2020 is behind us now,

so that’s not what the story’s about.

2020’s in the posterior.

The future is going to be coming,

but since that’s in the Anterior.

I am just going to be talking

about now, the present.

Right now in the present

democrats are trying to make

Biden their new president,

But Biden’s votes were fake.

Biden is not a winner,

he is just a big cheater.

The only things that is central

to his brain is evil

and being good is peripheral.

Evil is staying around Biden,

so he cheated at the election,

and good is far away from him,

that’s why he’s not Republican.

Evil thoughts are close to the surface

of his body on the tip his tongue,

it is so superficial.

He’s wanting people to do what he wishes,

so they feel pain like they’ve been stung.

He wants to become an elected official,

just so he can do evil,

and put evil deep inside of our minds

and our bodies, so that we’re hurting,

and that is because he’s on the left side.

Leftists want to destroy this country.

This country he wants to destroy.

He wants to take away our joy,

because he’s on the left side.

He is not even close to the middle,

he is not at all medial,

he is just super lateral.

He is trying to make joy a collateral

He doesn’t want it to be permanent

He wants it to be something that was loaned

by the one that should be president,

Donald Trump gave us joy,

but joy is something that’s getting stolen

just like the election.

He trying to take us out,

while we are all down.

He wants us down on the ground,

To where we are prone.

He doesn’t wants us lying face up,

we can never ever be supine,

From the bad he doesn’t want us to run.

He doesn’t want us to feel fine.

He just wants us to live in bad times

and have super dark minds.

There is a line dividing left and right

and there is no proximal.

We are not getting closer

to getting together,

we are just getting distal.

The left and right sides

can’t agree because a line

called the sagital.

And there’s a line that’s horizontal

That is called the transverse

that tries to separate superior and inferior.

It separates last place from first

and all of this craziness

causes so much hurt.

It’s making people relentless.

It’s making everybody want change badly,

bad enough some started storming

America’s capitol building

one day in Washington D.C.

But because of a frontal line

All of that is now behind us.

We don’t have to worry

about the storming of the capitol

or any other past event

Instead inside of our cranials

where our brains are at.

We can all just be bent

on making things better

because we really need to do that,

That way we can have a happy future,

so that is the lesson of this story,

we need to have positivity,

even though things are going badly.


This poem is about: 
My country


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