MAGA Blind

POEM FOR MAGA PEOPLE  The red hat full of lies he's said,Is somehow glued upon your head. I can never change your mind Because you're choosing to be blind. You don't want to see the facts,You just excuse the way he acts. He spews out lies just like a song,He chants them and you sing along. He's playing you like a puppeteer,And we can see the strings from here.  I'm not trying to put you down,But your idol is a clown. You think that I am spreading hate,But he can't make this country great. What was a joke is now a threat,The worst just hasn't happened yet.  There's nothing I can say to you, You don't even know what's true. I don't need to prove my case,It's happening right in your face.  I wish you would open your eyes, And see right thru his cheap disguise.  Eventually it will play out, You will soon see what he's about. Like every dog must have his day,The truth will always find its way.  In years to come you will feel shame, For being a player in his game. He's like a pair of broken dice.And we aren't going to roll them twice.  Pb 2020

This poem is about: 
My country


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