Poems about Bullying

Don’t stress it,  when you think of a struggle  DON’T stress it.   
Every time I gain a little ground Life comes along and knocks me back down. And when I get up, and I dust myself off
Courage is the boy going to the new school. Courage is the boy asking the bully to plsay with him.
I look into the mirror. What do I see? Not who I want to see. Not who I want to be. She looks back at me.
Sometimes people bully becuase they had  a rought time in life other times they do it for fun
Their eyes run to and fro, they see only the outer shell
School is hard, We still must go, Big bully´s so I stay on guard,
Flash Thompson was a football player in high school;
Dear Father, Why do you always put me down? From Daughter, Why do you love to steal my crown? To Monster,
No,please just let me be, please don't try to destroy everything that I am, I know how much everyone hates me,