Fri, 05/01/2020 - 00:47 -- nuvia

for people to tell you 're wrong doesn't mean you are 

 for people to put you up against a wall don't mean you're weak  

 people hurt people tell you youre stupid you will never be something in life

they hurt we are already damaged people dont wanna see you succeed in life 

you tell yourself i'll never amount to anything i will never be worth it when in 

reality we only hurt ourselves we cause ourselves  more pain than a mean girl than a bully 

We consider ourselves weak when we are strong. I was hurt i always told myself

you're stupid you will never be someone i caused myself pain i hurt myself

more than anyone could possibly hurt me. I  saw darkness there was no light

a dark room my pain my demon's  haunt my every move my every thought 

darkness was always there there's no rainbows and pink  lifes hard for some

people for others it's peachy pink . Because they have never struggled or suffer

they don't know the pain the pain they will say

"I understand i know what you are going thru " they dont they might have and idea

but nothing can compare to how you feel inside you eat your emotions because

nobody really understands.



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