Poems about Bullying

Quick, walk swiftly through the halls. But not too quick. Stop, watch your back, But not for long.
Long Hair Short Hair Eyebrows on fleek Gloss on deck But is that all beauty is?
The colors of our world commence the drain,Instead of smiles I perceive pain...Ricocheting off my ears rings pain...
Zeus went here, there and around He went anywhere to reverse his frown
I knew there was something wrong with my new friends the first tim
  I'm gay, I'm straight, I love, I hate, I appreciate I disrespect.  I'm smart, I'm dumb. I feel  but I'm numb, I fight but I fear.
What do you see When you see my eyes? You may see who I have been.
         Appreciate is an art piece.
         Appreciate is an art piece.
Preschool was easy, Kids dressed in plaid, Struggling only with the idea That their Mommy might get mad.