Poems about Bullying

Zeus went here, there and around He went anywhere to reverse his frown
  I'm gay, I'm straight, I love, I hate, I appreciate I disrespect.  I'm smart, I'm dumb. I feel  but I'm numb, I fight but I fear.
What do you see When you see my eyes? You may see who I have been.
         Appreciate is an art piece.
         Appreciate is an art piece.
Preschool was easy, Kids dressed in plaid, Struggling only with the idea That their Mommy might get mad.
Looking through the lens of my childhood self ...the world was iridescent
Watching the way the sunlight creeps in between the closed, dark blue curtains of my new city apartment brings me back to the neighbourho
I sometimes have the feeling that I can’t recognize myself. When I look into the mirror and the image reflected back at
When I was a boy sometime ago I faced a problem and wanted to let go. I felt scared