Poems about Bullying

"I'm here."  
Hey, you there, sitting alone in the dark, why don't you get some sunlight, take a stroll in the park?
When the 5 year old you’s stuck in your 16 year old skin,
Some walls are unbreakable, called the walls of fear, Like losing a loved one, or speaking in front of your peers. Fear of being humiliat
The Playground Kierstyn Edore   Laying under the warm rays,
I walked through the hall ways at school,  I always hated walking the halls in that miserable school.
September 6, 2002 I was born at 8:16 am. I opened my tiny little eyes for the first time
I learned to fear to love myself I feared the hateful words that targeted my skin
Im seeing so many things happening and people want to talk about forgiveness
When I look at youI don't see"Bad person".I see someoneWho needs support,Who needs help,