Never alone

Sat, 04/18/2020 - 22:03 -- RacerR

I know your going through a rough time,
But I am your friend,
I will stand by your side,
I will be here if you need to talk,
I will be here, my door is never locked,
I never want you to feel alone,
You don't have to do this on you own,
Nomatter how much you think nobody cares,
I will always be right there,
When you are mad, angry or sad,
I will always be here when you feel bad,
Don't hesitate to message me whenever you feel lost,
I will be here to listen to your thoughts,
I will never bully you even when I disagree with how you feel,
I will stand be your side and help you deal,
With all the problems in your life,
Whenever you feel like you want to die,
Remember that I'm by your side,
From now until forever,
Don't you ever,
Sit on your bed alone,
And think about all of life's problems on your own,
I will always be here,
Your never alone,
And you don't have to do this on your own


Jan Wienen

So meaningful 

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